Strategy & Consulting


Every great plan starts with a strategy.

A well-crafted marketing strategy sets the foundation for an effective marketing plan. That’s why most of our client relationships start here. And we start by asking about you and your clients. By understanding your entrepreneurial motivations, and those of your clients, we can start to focus on the audiences, messages and channels that matter the most to efficiently drive revenue and growth for your business.


The secret to B2B marketing goes beyond just digital. Or data. Or creative. It's about bringing it all together to create a perfectly integrated, extraordinary experience.

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Just getting started? 

Launch Marketing Strategy


This is the perfect option if you’re just starting up and looking for an all-inclusive marketing strategy. We’ll work with you to develop a tailored marketing strategy and plan from scratch designed to help set you up for marketing success from the very beginning.

We’ll spend a day in your office, so we can learn as much as we can about your business, team and vision for growth. From there, we’ll dive into market and competitive research, identify target audiences and develop the ideal marketing mix to help you achieve your goals.


The Process

  • Week 1: Full Day Discovery Session
  • Week 2: Strategic Planning
  • Week 3: Client Check-In
  • Week 4: Marketing Planning Development
  • Week 5: Present Marketing Strategy

The Outcomes

  • In-depth Market Research & Insights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation & Targeting
  • Value Proposition & Messaging
  • 12-Month Tactical Go-to-Market Plan

Ready for the next level?

Align Marketing Strategy


This is the ideal option if you’re already an established business and are looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level. We’ll help you build upon your current initiatives to create a targeted marketing strategy and plan to attract, engage and persuade your key target audiences.

We’ll kick off the project with a half-day visit to your offices, where we’ll delve into your current and past marketing initiatives, address your core challenges and discuss your vision for the future. We’ll also spend some time with your team and your clients (if appropriate) to get a full view of the business. Then, we’ll get to work creating a tailored marketing strategy that aligns with your objectives, goals and resources.


The Process

  • Week 1: Half Day Discovery Session
  • Week 2: Client & Team Interviews
  • Week 3-4: Strategic Planning
  • Week 5: Present Marketing Strategy

The Outcomes

  • Market Summary
  • Target Audience Definition
  • Buyer Personas
  • Value-Based Messaging
  • 12-month Marketing Plan
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Need some extra direction?

Marketing Audit

If you already have your marketing plan and team in place, but want to ensure that you’re on the right path, this is a great option. We’ll review your current marketing plan and efforts and make suggestions on how to improve it. We’ll start the project with a half-day discovery session, where we’ll discuss your current marketing activities, challenges and plan for growth. From there, we’ll assess your current marketing efforts and prepare a detailed report outlining areas for improvement and a recommended course of action.


The Process

  • Week 1: Half Day Discovery Session
  • Week 2: In-depth Review
  • Week 3: Improvement Planning
  • Week 4: Marketing Audit & Final Report

The Outcomes

  • Key Takeaways from Planning Session
  • Detailed Audit & Marketing Improvement Report

Want expert advice?

Marketing Consulting

If you’re all set with your marketing efforts, but could use an extra bit of expert advice, we’re here to help. Retain us to provide ongoing guidance and keep your marketing efforts on track. We’ll be here to answer any of your burning questions or provide input and recommendations on internal projects or campaigns. Each month, we’ll touch base to review your marketing efforts and results. Following our session, we’ll provide advice and resources as needed.

Hourly or monthly packages available


The Process

  • Initial Consult

  • Ongoing Monthly Reviews

The Outcomes

  • Monthly Marketing Advice & Recommendations

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