The Situation

Founded in 2007, Sysero started with a simple goal – to help law firms modernise the way the way they work. Since then, the company has developed a unique set of automation technology tools that enable law firms to increase productivity, drive greater efficiency and deliver high quality service to their clients. With Sysero, what used to be complex, time-consuming tasks for lawyers are now streamlined. But, how do you effectively sell a complex solution in an industry that typically shies away from innovation?

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The Strategy

To challenge the status quo at law firms, we needed to convince firms that Sysero offered a better, faster, and smarter way of working, that would benefit both the lawyers and their clients. Our approach was to align Sysero’s offerings under a broader platform aimed at making better use of firm’s core competitive advantage: their knowledge and expertise.

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Farrand Sierra Marketing has an in-depth knowledge of the B2B market. They consistently deliver innovative ideas, and have completely transformed our marketing efforts. Their ability to blend strategic thinking and creativity make them a great extension of our team.
— Phil Ayton, Director

The Solution

We developed a detailed and comprehensive marketing strategy based on industry, competitive and customer research. Once we clearly defined Sysero’s target audience and their unique challenges, we were able to develop value-based messaging that resonated with current and potential clients. From there, we aligned Sysero’s product offering under a Knowledge Automation platform. Rather than overwhelming non-technical clients with Sysero’s intricate features, we distilled Sysero’s business value into high-impact messages and key benefits. We then developed a coordinated approach for communicating those messages to the market to build brand awareness and retention, while driving new business.

Once the strategy project was complete, we got to work bringing it to life through a series of tactics and channels, including content marketing, advertising partnerships, events, public relations, lead generation tactics, product marketing, and account-based marketing.


The Results:

  • Grew revenues by 30% within 12 months

  • Increased new business opportunities by 50%

  • Increased new website visitors by 42% and site engagement by 46%

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