Workshop Coworking


The Situation

Workshop Coworking is a unique coworking space located in the heart of Mexico City’s Nàpoles neighbourhood. It offers a collaborative workspace and community where social innovators can gain inspiration, and access insights and resources to help them launch and grow their businesses.

As a new coworking space entering a growing market within Mexico City, Workshop needed to develop a marketing strategy to help it stand out from the competition and ensure a successful launch. It also needed to create a unique brand identity and digital presence that would help attract prospective members, engage current members and build buzz among the local community of entrepreneurs and freelancers.


The Strategy

Workshop began collaborating with Farrand Sierra early in the business planning process to develop a launch marketing plan, as well as an engaging brand and website that would set it apart right from the start. We conducted extensive market research, as well competitive analysis to better understand the trends and competitors shaping the city’s co-working space. Based on our findings, we identified Workshop’s key differentiators, how best to communicate with potential members through targeted messaging, and the ideal tactics and timing for launching Workshop to the market.


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Farrand Sierra Marketing really understood our needs and helped us build a successful and impactful brand and go-to-market strategy.
— Iván González, Founder & CEO

The Results

We developed an in-depth go-to-market strategy for Workshop, a crucial part of which was adopting a niche approach to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Another integral part of setting Workshop apart from the start was creating a strong and engaging brand. Building off the marketing strategy, we set forth creating a logo, colour scheme and typography to communicate the core values of Workshop: innovation, creativity and growth.

We worked very closely with Workshop to parlay the brand into a bi-lingual website that would entice local start-ups and freelancers, as well as the growing community of foreign entrepreneurs. To help build awareness of the new site, we also implemented a social media marketing plan targeted towards the local audience.


Key Takeaways:

  • Workshop successfully launched in Fall 2016 and within a month had more than 2,000 website visitors and 4,000 Facebook fans
  • Through a targeted go-to-market approach, Workshop was able to fill its space within the first few months of launching
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